Yea, but the reason you’re not at 100% is because you haven’t saved the world from Trump yet.

Actually, it does makes sense, the 37% break down like this:

  • 17% were afraid they were being wire-tapped and didn’t want to speak officially on the record.
  • 9% are praying that the conspiracy theory is true that the mass media is controlled by the CIA and somehow this is all part of Trump’s plan to bring the ruling Cabal down.
  • 5% are confused because they listen to AM radio.
  • 3% are just embarrassed that he’s America’s biggest embarrassment
  • 2% are just embarrassed that he’s the world’s biggest embarrassment
  • 0.999999% just made a mistake.
  • 0.000001% is Trump’s approval of himself, because to him, he’s a winner who is winning.

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