Powerful story. Thanks for sharing.

From my short time volunteering with a sexual assault and domestic violence center, I know how few women come forward to report rape and take their chargers to court — for the same reason that the law failed you — to have to relive their story before a public audience only to be violated a second time.

It’s not your fault that you were raped, and it’s not your fault that the justice system failed. I know it’s one thing to be told it’s not your fault, and another to understand it.

Sometimes life still deals you a couple rotten cards. The past still hurts, but the cards you were dealt aren’t who you are. They may stink, but they can be made to serve in wonderful ways.

Never underestimate the power of empathy and connecting with others that comes when you’re able to share your story — opening up in a way that others can reach out and realize that they’re not alone either.

Speaking about it does help. Sharing your story helps to break down the stigma attached to rape. It helps other to realize that they’re not alone.

And there are people that when they see your story won’t see a damaged past, but the source of incredible strength that has arisen.

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