Adam Morris
2 min readNov 30, 2016


I think it’s wildly incorrect to boil the election down to one set of motivations, or one type of group that voted for Trump. We come from a very diverse country, with just as many different beliefs.

From what I understand of the few Trump supporters I’ve come across, many voted for him knowing he was disgusting, because they felt:

  • They wanted a different supreme court justice.
  • They wanted change, and Hillary was cast as more of the same.
  • They feel left behind by our economic recovery, and felt rejected.
  • They wanted a candidate whom they trusted would say it straight. (Although, I never really understood the logic behind this one.)
  • They liked what he was saying he was going to accomplish for them.
  • They didn’t like Obamacare because that’s what they’ve heard on AM radio.
  • They watched his TV show and thought he was really smart, and a good businessman, and this was just part of the act to get elected.
  • They see the world as being controlled by the ruling Cabal, and Trump, despite his ever present weaknesses, was not controlled by the Cabal (or anyone), and not in with the “controlled media”, and it’s all “part of the plan”. (Personally, I’m hoping this is the case, along with the grand plan for full disclosure, and a massive re-organization…)

In the meantime, the media isn’t going to let Trump off the hook for anything… for the rest of us, we should focus our attention and energy on making this country better on an individual level. There is so much we can do that doesn’t require anything from the government.



Adam Morris

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